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How do I fix Windows Update Error : 0x240001

We discuss few window update error which are given below :

windows error code “0x240001”

message “WU_E_NO_SERVICE”

Description “Windows Update Agent not functioning well”



When windows update gets downloaded and tries to install on the system but it goes failed and the system reboots itself and gets stuck in a loop and every time it gave a message after login “WU_S_SERVICE_STOP – 0x240001” and gets rebooted again.

The reason why it happens


Windows Update Agent (WUA).it is an agent program that works in a combination with Windows Server Update Services.

It helps to automatically patch delivery and installation. it might be the windows update did not properly get downloaded and it goes corrupt. When these windows update services try to install new windows updates with these corrupt files, we get that problem. these corrupt file causes may be security software or previous improper updates or system file corruption or registry corruption…

Solution 1 (use the windows troubleshooting tool)

For windows 8


Press the Windows key >> type “Network problems” on the search box >>choose to identify and repair network problems >> run that process and it tries to fix your computer network issue >> once that process gets finished reboot your computer and try to run windows update

window 8 update

For windows 10


Press Windows key >>go to setting >> windows setting>> click update and security >> click troubleshoot >> click on windows update. once you will click on that it will run a process and apply all possible fixes >> once it gets done. reboot your computer and try to run the windows update again

window 10 update

Solution 2 (clean all downloaded windows updates from the software distribution folder)


when we try to update windows. it downloads all windows update patches under the “software distribution” .so we have to clean all those files

1) press windows + R. it will open run windows>>

2) type on run windows c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download

3) select all files and press “shift + delete”. it will delete all the files permanently. if you are not able to delete all the files. then you can use that process in safe mode to clean that folder. once it gets done. reboot the computer to normal mode. it is mandatory to clean that folder. you have one more option to clean that. you can use the windows clean-up tools as well. when it gets clean, reboot the computer once

4) now try again to download and install the windows update

Solution 3:(disable the security software and firewall)

Disable the security software and windows firewall because sometimes due to the security. windows update does not download properly and goes corrupt. so, once your security is disabled. download and install the windows update. after installing the windows update successfully enable the security again to protect your computer

Solution 4(remove all external drives)

Remove all other external drives which are connected to your computer because sometimes that computer does not function well, so remove it or disable it from the device manager

Solution 5 (use media creation tool)

Media creation tool is one of the best tools provided by Microsoft. you can download and install the windows and windows update” with the help of this tool. you can also upgrade windows 7 to 8 and 8 to 10. it gives you the option to download ISO images or direct installation option. this tool is very easy to use.

How you can get it? open the google page and type “media creation tool”. mostly you get the first link

You can download updates and get into the thumb drive or any other external drive and you can install it on your computer.

Attach the drive with your computer >> open it >> click on setup.exe >>it will ask for some options like language, time, and currency. select the right one which you want,>> click on next>> click install now>>then you will get the option upgrade or custom installation >>click on upgrade and follow the process.

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