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Easy way Printer setup and printer installation

A printer is a device to print any document but a printer does not print itself. We have to give them the print command and after that it will print the document.

Therefore, to complete that process we have to set up the printer and need to install the printer driver to make the connectivity with the computer and network.

The printer setup and installation process are quite simple and basic concepts are the same for any brand like HP, Brother, Canon, and Dell but might process could be a little bit different as per the brand.

Printer setup and Printer Installation Type

As a primary step you have to connect the power cable to the printer. Once you get the power light on the printer, then you have to check how you want to connect your printer to your network

With a USB  Printer Installation

In this option, you can connect your printer to your computer directly even if you do not have a wireless router that is the simplest and most durable thing.

Wireless Printer installation

If you have this option then you should have a wireless router for your network and on your computer, you should have a wireless network card.

printer connect wifi

Network Printer installation

To make a network printer you have to connect your printer to your router with a LAN cable that uses an RJ-45 connection

Phone Printer Installation

You have to download the printer connector from the brand’s website

Printer Setup And Driver Installation Setup Process

·       Check physical connection as discussed above

·       We need to install a printer software driver. Try to download the right printer driver from the brand website. You can get the latest and updated printer from the brand’s website.

·       Once you get the proper Driver try to install the printer driver. it will open the printer setup wizard. You have to go through with the wizard options.

·       Once the printer driver is installed successfully. it asks the printer test page to make sure.

Note: If you are using windows 10 or 11. The old printer does not work with that because of some printers and not compatible with the new version of windows. This kind does not fullfil the requirement as per new update windows. You may try once with the basic driver but it’s a chance, it could work or not.

Installing Printer Drivers

1)    There is another way as well to install a printer driver with a system-inbuilt driver. You have to follow the instructions

2)    Press win+R and type Control Panel and hit enter

3)    Select printer device and printers

4)    Click on add a printer

5)    Then it will give you a wizard and click on next

6)    Now you have to choose your printer (local printer/network printer) and click on next.

7)    It will ask for select ports. Select the port and click on next

8)    You will get the option to select the printer brand from the left side and then choose your printer to form the list that would be on the right side. If you did not get your printer model click on windows update or if you have a driver disk click have disk option. After updating the windows update option, now it will update all the available printer drivers list. Select your printer model and click on next

9)    Now you have to type your printer name as you will be comfortable clicking on next

10)  Then you will get 2 options do not share and share this printer. select share this printer and click on next

11) Now the driver has been installed and it will give the option to print a test page. Click on that.

Now your printer is installed and it is good to print. The printer driver plays a great role in between printer, computer, and network. It enables the connection between them

If you are still facing any issues with printer setup, or installation or are not able to set up your wireless printer and need some help you can contact with us.

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