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McAfee Antivirus Review 2022 — Best security software

In this guide, we have provided an extensive review of McAfee antivirus software. In this article, you will get to read various sections on its features, specifications, price, and plans.

McAfee is considered to be one of the top antivirus programs by security professionals and users alike. It offers excellent malware detection rates, a variety of additional options like password management and a VPN as well as friendly customer service. It’s also very easy to set up and use. It was founded back in 1987 and has been protecting computers from viruses for more than thirty years at this point. As of 2022 McAfee continues to be one of the most well-known security brands.

McAfee Antivirus Total Protection Review

  • Similar to others antivirus you can begin with activating the registration number on the internet. They completely revamped the interface of the suite to reflect a fresh focus on assisting you to do what you need to do effortlessly and quickly, and without concerns about security. The new interface is making its way into McAfee Antivirus Plus on Windows and will be available for mobile devices within the next few months. In the case of the Mac, it’s a different story. A revamp is planned however it’s not the top priority.
  • The window’s main, airy design shows three different types of protection: PC, Web, and Identity which are each represented on an extensive area. Over the top, you will find advice and tips for improving security, similar to the Autopilot suggestions from Bitdefender. The Quick Action button in the lower-left lets you check for malware, activate the VPN, or swiftly scrub personal information from your computer.
  • McAfee Total Protection does its job as an antivirus. It is responsible for ensuring that our computers remain secure. Much of the credit is due to real-time scanning. As the name implies, it ran a scan of our systems in real-time and prevented viruses from executing before they could execute. When we open files, such as attachments to emails or downloads, McAfee Total Protection runs an instant scan to look for malware and viruses. It blocks malicious files from opening and placed them in quarantine so they could not cause harm.
  • Total Protection also shields us from network-based threats by using a firewall. It analyzed outgoing and inbound traffic on networks, stopped potential risky programs from getting access to the network, and also helped us control the Wi-Fi networks that we joined to connect to our laptops.
  • One of our top security features of the firewall was NetGuard which analyzed every activity on our network and blocked users from connecting to any suspicious web addresses or even IP addresses. NetGuard also analyzed the software that ran behind the scenes.
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McAfee Antivirus Prices and Plans

  • Every McAfee package comes with a variety of pricing options, each of which comes with of them its own issues. This article breaks down the various pricing levels to make it simple for you to settle on the most suitable to your requirements.
  • As mentioned, you can make use of the $59.99 annually to get McAfee security on each macOS, Windows, Android as well as the iOS device you have. Norton has also been deemed cross-platform and can be used with macOS, Windows, and Android However, the $99.99 annually Norton subscription gives you five licenses and not an unlimited amount. The good news is that Norton on Windows is a fully-featured suite, and on Mac, it comes with the features that you can’t find in McAfee, including a no-limits VPN.

McAfee on MacOS

Macs require antivirus protection. They might not be as prone to attack as Windows box or Android devices however, they can be hit with malware, Trojans, and other malware. Most major security firms provide macOS security these days. Some simply put together an antivirus scanner that provides real-time protection.

 Some offer Mac protection as part of a security package that is compatible with several platforms. McAfee’s antivirus for entry-level users is unique because it provides protection for all of your macOS, Windows, iOS along with Android devices. An annual subscription to McAfee Antivirus Plus for Mac allows you to install the security on each device in your household. The sheer number of features offered offsets the fact that testing labs haven’t reported scores for McAfee’s security on macOS and Windows users to have access to a variety of features that don’t cross across to Mac.

MacAfee for Windows

  • McAfee Antivirus Plus is a bargain among the top Windows 10 antivirus programs if you own a large number of smartphones and computers to secure. For just $60 per year, you’ll be able to protect at least 10 different devices operating Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS as well as McAfee isn’t averse to adding more.
  • Windows users receive an encrypted file shredder, ransomware rollback, a firewall, and security extensions for browsers. McAfee Antivirus, with no “Plus,” delivers the same features to one Windows PC for just $40 per year.
  • McAfee’s security for malware hasn’t always been the most effective in laboratory tests, but it has improved significantly over the last year. The main drawbacks currently are the extreme slowdown of your system when active malware scans are running, as well as the fact that you are unable to remove threat-data collection on your computer if you decide not to install it.

What exactly is McAfee’s data encryption? 

  • Data encryption converts information into “ciphertext” so that it is inaccessible to anyone who does not have the appropriate encryption keys or passwords. Solid encryption options coupled with a well-organized key management system protect the sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized persons, modification, disclosure, or loss, and is a crucial part of any security system.
  • A solution for data encryption is an application that uses algorithms to secure sensitive information and is paired with tools for managing and monitoring the encryption of data across the organization. The encryption solutions also offer tools for managing keys to ensure that passwords, keys, and other details required to secure as well as access the data are made available only for authorized individuals. are modified or deleted according to the policies that have been established.
  • The majority of organizations safeguard their data by using security products that are traditional like firewalls, intrusion detection, and role-based access control programs. These are all designed to prevent data breaches. But, if attackers are able to penetrate a network, which they will do, data encryption is the crucial final line of defense against theft and leak of sensitive information.


  • Every McAfee product covers the basics of security well, but it lacks features that many of its competitors offer. The Identity tab on the McAfee software interface brings together the privacy features of the program which include the password manager, file shredder manager, Tracker Remover, and a data shredder, with three levels of eraser for eliminating inconvenient as well as embarrassing documents.
  • Vulnerability Management looks for old firmware, weak passwords, and other vulnerabilities that could be present in the software and applications you use. Also, there’s anti-phishing protection as well as a two-way firewall that replaces that of Microsoft.
  • McAfee’s Home Network Management shows you devices linked to the Wi-Fi network, identified by IP addresses. It also blocks outsiders trying to penetrate your home network. McAfee’s App Boost helps programs run more efficiently by prioritizing resources on the system, and the Web Boost browser extension for Edge, Chrome and Firefox prevents downloads that are not requested.
  • McAfee Internet Security adds a filter for the email to block attacks on phishing and spam and LiveSafe as well as Total Protection (for five or more devices) include encryption of files.
  • McAfee’s True Key password manager comes with Internet Security and all Total Protection and LiveSafe bundles. Safe Connect VPN Safe Connect VPN comes with LiveSafe and the five-device (or greater) version of Total Protection.
  • This VPN client software runs on all platforms and utilizes an infrastructure that is part of Tunnel Bear an independent, Toronto-based VPN solution owned by McAfee owns. It’s an excellent deal given that the cost of Tunnel Bear subscription costs around $60 per year on its own.
  • It is possible to connect to servers across two dozen countries. It took just five seconds for my connection to be established to a server local to New York. New York area, although my data speed decreased from 90Mbps to 188Mbps.
Unlimited VPN service, identity theft securityThe system is impacted by heavy forces during scans.
New safeguards against scams involving tech supportWebcam protection is not available or the browser
Clean, tight interfaceCertain features aren’t functional If you turn off auto-renewal


If you’re in search of antivirus software that offers real-time malware detection on all of your devices for reasonable costs, McAfee is an excellent option. Apart from the standard features such as firewall, Wi-Fi security password manager, as well as PC optimization that are included in the majority of antivirus software, McAfee offers additional features, including an encryption tool, a computer cleaner, and identity protection, and the VPN.

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