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Through this article, we will guide you through all the troubleshooting for Brother Wireless Color Laser MFC-L3750CDW. Read this blog thoroughly, the know the fixes of problems you are facing with your brother MFC-L3750CDW printer. This blog is helpful for the buyers of Brother MFC-L3750CDW. If you are also one of the millions of users of this printer, this article is for you.

All the fixes have been described concisely and thoroughly. We have taken all the major issues faced by users of Brother MFC-L3750CDW printer frequently. If you are just thinking about purchasing this printer, our blog on the detailed review of the brother MFC-L3750CDW printer can help you greatly.

How to connect your Brother Wireless Color Laser MFC-L3750CDW printer machine to the wi-fi network? 

Set up your brother machine over a wireless network

1. Connect the power cord of your brother machine to an electrical socket. After that, Turn on your brother machine.

2. The machine’s control panel will display the Menu button.

3. To select Network, press the Up or Down key and then press OK.

4. To select WLAN, press the Up or Down key and then press OK. (This step might not be applicable to all machines.)

5. To select Setup Wizard, press the Up or Down key and then press OK.

6. If WLAN is enabled? appears, select Yes to enable the wireless network. When is WLAN Enabled?

6.1 This will launch the wireless setup wizard.

7. The machine will search your network and display a list with available Network Names (SSIDs).

7.1 Once a list with SSIDs appears press the Up or down arrow keys to select which SSID you have written down earlier and then press OK.

8. Apply one of these:

8.1. For authentication and encryption methods that require the Network Key (Password),

8.2. If your authentication method uses Open System and your encryption mode is None

8.3. To apply your settings, enter the Network Key and then click OK. To apply the settings, select Yes.

8.4. Next, click the button.

9. The machine attempts to connect to the selected wireless network.

9.1. The LCD of your brother printer will show connected if it is connected successfully. The machine will print a report detailing the failure of the wireless connection. The printed report will contain the error code.

How to reset the toner of your Brother Wireless Color Laser MFC-L3750CDW printer machine?

1. As if you were changing cartridges, open the front cover.

2. While the cover is open, press simultaneously the Cancel (X), and Back buttons. Next, press the Back button. This may take several attempts before the reset menu appears onscreen.

3. Scroll down the menu to choose the cartridge color that you want to reset, and then press the yes button when asked.

4. Once the reset is completed, the LCD will show “Accepted”.

How to resolve the “No AirPrint Printers Found” error with the Brother printer?

  • To start the troubleshooting, first switch off your Brother printing machine.
  • Wait for some moments now and after that turn it on again.
  • Now, let your printer connect to the network
  • If your printing device is connected to your computer through a USB cable then connect it to a wireless or wi-fi network.
  • Make sure that your Brother printing device and apple device both are connected to the same wireless network.

Paper is jammed inside my Brother Wireless Color Laser MFC-L3750CDW printer. How to fix this issue?

No matter what the cause of the paper jam is, it’s important to know how to fix it. There are several solutions that Brother printer support can offer depending on the type of paper jam you have. The LCD will display a message telling you which side the paper is sticking to the front, the back, or both.

Before you begin troubleshooting, unplug your printer from the power supply. You should wait until the printer cools down before you touch the print head or inspect the printer’s interior.

These steps should be followed if the paper is stuck to the front.

1. The paper tray should be removed from the printer. Do not leave the paper support unattended.

2. Slowly take out the jammed paper.

3. Lift the jammed paper from under the jam clear flap and take it out.

4. You should also check for jammed paper areas in the printer, such as the scanner cover.

5. After you have removed all jammed paper, plug it back in the socket to check if the error message is no longer being displayed.

Here’s how to get rid of stuck paper at the back.

  • Remove the Brother printer’s back cover.
  • Remove the jammed paper carefully.
  • Cover it and verify that you have done it correctly.
  • You can see the inside of your printer to find any paper left over.
  • Reconnect the printer to the outlet and verify that it is working.

Follow the steps above if the jammed paper is on both sides. First, remove jammed paper from both the front and back. Next, check the printer’s interior. You should make sure that there is no paper left under the printer head. However, you must be careful not to get ink onto your clothes.

How to clean your Brother Wireless Color Laser MFC-L3750CDW printer? 

 a. choose the Ink option from the screen of the printer.

Press the Ink key on your printer if it is present. To select Ink, open Menu and press the OK and arrow buttons. To use a touchscreen printer, you can either choose Ink from the screen or look for a square symbol that has black, yellow, and blue lines. This is the Ink Indicator. The black ink or the color ink can be cleaned, or both.

b. Choose Cleaning to conduct a cleaning cycle.

If something is not right, this is the best way to clean your printer. It will only take the printer a few minutes for old ink to be removed from the print head. This will result in cleaner prints. A cleaning cycle may be necessary if your print jobs appear sloppy or smudged.

c. While the cleaning cycle progresses, leave the printer alone.

It takes only a few minutes to complete the cleaning cycle. You won’t have any printing or other options. The cleaning cycle will continue for a few minutes, so don’t unplug it. After cleaning, the printer will return to its home screen and be ready to print.

d. Print a single-page document.

Print a single page to test whether the cleaning was successful. You should check it for any smudges. If you have cleaned the ink in color, you should print it in color. If your printing is still not perfect, you might need to do another cleaning cycle or unclog any print head nozzles.

e. You can do up to four cleaning cycles at a time.

You may need to do more than one cleaning cycle in order to achieve the best results. You should not run more than four cycles at a time. This can cause the ink to start drawing out of the cartridges making cleaning less efficient and cost-effective. Try printing 10 pages to check if the printer is still not working after several cleaning cycles.

What is the default password for my Brother network card, BRAdmin, Remote Setup, or Web-Based Management?

To manage all the machine settings of your printer, your default login password is either “initpass”. And, the password that is located on either bottom or back of your printer is preceded by “Pwd”.

I print mainly black and white documents. How can I stop the life of my color toner cartridges from decreasing when I print?

First of all, change the print setting to Mono mode. By default, the driver for printing attempts to determine what kind of documents are black and white, by searching for information about color when you submit an order for printing. The printer driver can then determine what toner cartridges are required. Sometimes, documents can have colored information, even if the document appears white and black document (for example, areas of grey are actually an amalgamation of colors). If the printer driver recognizes the presence of color in your document, it will make use of the toner cartridges in all four for printing.

It is possible to alter settings in the driver of your printer to ensure that the machine treats every document as if only comprised of black and white information. This will stop the life span of your cartridges for color from reducing as you print.


So, now you have all the possible fixes for some of the major problems that occur with the Brother MFC-L3750CDW printer. We hope, this article has proved to be very helpful for you in troubleshooting your printer’s issue. If you still need more fixes and problems to address for your printer, you can contact us through our Gmail that we have provided on the Contact Us page. Our teams of experts are 24/7 ready to resolve all the problems you are facing with your printing device.

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