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  Author   2022-05-16   Antivirus


Nowadays, we constantly hear news about various cybercrimes. It is not that you are completely secure from these kinds of attacks. In fact, the general people are more vulnerable to hacking than big corporations and organizations.


Trend Micro has set a new benchmark in Cyber security solutions with its new Trend Micro internet security software. It halts unauthorized programs from making any changes due to its folder shield component.


The advent of modern Ransomware has arisen a new threat. In my opinion, the greatest strength of Trend Micro is its multiple-layer protection from ransomware.


It detects worms, trojans, and viruses using a realtime antivirus scanner. Trend micro also has signature-based scanning features. Now, odds are stacked up against internet users due to the emergence of the latest sophisticated hacking techniques.


If it blocks some sites which you want to use, you can easily manually remove them from the block list. Similarly, you can also add that website to the block list to which you don’t want to get access through your system.


 Detailed Review of Trend Micro Internet Security (2022)

With 95% to 98% scores in the test conducted by AV-Comparatives, it has proved its reliability. It works seamlessly due to its powerful engine. The most noticeable thing about this website is that it slows down your system due to the loads it put on the system. Although it does not make you too slow, still it is quite noticeable. You need to manually stop some features to mitigate the risk of slowing down. It consumes a pretty high amount of memory in an idle state around 50 to 60 MB.


You will be provided with a manual to use all of its features. But you will barely need to use it because software is quite easy to set up, launch and use.


URL filtering is a highly appreciated feature of Trend Micro antivirus. It blocks malicious URLs upon testing.  Its Folder shield is useful to halt ransomware to get unauthorized access to your system. For the protection of your pictures folders, documents, and connected USB drives, Folder Shield is a highly essential feature. It stops malware from making any modifications to the system’s files. Though Window 10 also does this with its Controlled Folders, an extra layer of protection is always beneficial.


The performance of Trend Micro also depends on the hardware and how you put software in the use. Therefore, before purchasing the paid version of this software, you should use this in the trial period. It will help you to know the firsthand performance of this software in your specific system. This will greatly help to make your subscription purchasing decision.



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Features of Trend Micro Internet Security -Tips



Trend Micro offers a variety of security features that is similar to other products on the market. There is an antivirus product that works only on Windows. Trend Micro also offers a powerful internet security suite, as well as a product that supports Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.


The product provides basic antivirus protection, including anti-phishing and malicious URL blockers. The Pay Guard feature helps to protect your financial information.


We'll be looking at the various security options available to anyone who uses this antivirus in the next section.


  • Privacy Scanner

Your social media accounts may contain more personal information than you realize. Trend Micro's Privacy scanner checks your Twitter, Google Chrome, and Facebook settings for privacy issues. It also helps to keep your personal data private.


  • Security Scans

Trend Micro allows you to run full, quick, or custom security checks. Although you won't have much control (whereas products like Avast allow you to add other scan types), it's very easy to use.

You can also scan files using the right-click Explorer menu. Sometimes, simultaneous scans are not supported by antivirus software.


  • Malware protection

Trend Micro security programs scan for known malware. Then, it adds heuristic analysis to detect any signs of attack. Anything suspicious is uploaded to the analysis section. You can also opt-out of this data collection.


The threats like Fileless malware can cause extreme damage to your system. It lives in the memory of your PC system along with cryptocurrency-mining, phishing, and tech-supports scams malware. Trend micro offers a dedicated defense against this type of malware.


  •  Folder Shield

Folder Shield is an anti-ransomware layer that monitors your documents, folders, and any USB drives. You will be notified if any files are being modified.


Folder Shield stops ransomware from malicious encryption of your files and holding them hostage until you pay the attacker. This welcome additional layer of protection is capable of blocking even new, undiscovered ransomware.


  • Spam Filter

Trend Micro provides a bonus feature within its spam filter. This feature is typically only available in security suites. You can find it within your Settings. This feature is not visible on the main dashboard and is therefore disabled by default. However, you can activate it by checking the appropriate box.


This is not a system-wide filter. This filter works only with Outlook - scanning POP3, SMTPTP, and Exchange messages. However, you can override this filter by adding trusted addresses or reducing the strength of your filter.


It blocks access to harmful websites such as spam, social networks, email messages, and other malicious links. It can also detect and remove ransomware variants in your system.


  • Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware locks down your computer encrypts files and holds them for ransom until they are released. Trend Micro provides protection against ransomware, by preventing these infections from happening.


It blocks access to harmful websites such as spam, social networks, email messages, and other malicious links. It can also detect and remove ransomware variants in your system.


  • URL Blocker and Filter

Trend Micro offers a variety of levels of browser protection. Social Networking Protection uses a browser extension to show a 'risk rating for links' on popular social media sites. The software automatically checks URLs prior to you accessing them. Even if a page passes this test, the core Micro Trend engine still scans its content.


Other antivirus programs only allow you to toggle URL blocking on and off. This software, however, has a protection level slider. This allows you to choose whether to block sites more aggressively or reduce false alarms.


  • Pay Guard

Trend Micro's Pay Guard is a security tool that makes it harder for malware to track what you do online.


Other antivirus products can create secure payment environments in a hardened browser that runs on a different desktop. This one however uses your default browser with the most secure settings.


Pay Guard is easy to use and can be set up to launch whenever you access sensitive websites, such as your online banking. It provides security benefits such as an opening in a secure browser window that has no extensions and leaving no trace of transactions closed.


  • Protection In Real-Time

Traditional testing can only detect infected files once they have reached your computer. This is not enough. Trend Micro blocks access to URLs and web pages before they can download malware onto your computer.


Trend Micro offers consistent, effective real-time protection.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Trend Micro Internet Security



  • It has scored excellent marks in the malicious URL blocking test.
  • A highly effective social media privacy scanner for protection
  • Secure online banking through its hardened browser
  • High scores in the antiphishing test
  • Easy to set up and operate



  • It does not provide a firewall for protection
  • It has scored poorly in some antivirus lab tests and hands-on malware protection tests.
  • Parental control is not as effective as it should be.
  • You don’t get so many licensing choices.
  • Ineffective against keyloggers.



Pricing and Plans of Trend Micro Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security is quite expensive compared to other packages Trend Micro offers. Although, it is not the most expensive package of all. You can purchase a yearly plan of this software at approximately 40$ (prices can vary). It supports two devices simultaneously. In this plan, Trend Micro offers features like AI learning, ransomware and malware protection, and Pay Guard.


Final Conclusion


Trend Micro Antivirus software scores high in tests. It is highly efficient in blocking, identifying, and eliminating malware with minimal impact on overall system performance.


It uses advanced AI learning technology that is cloud-based to detect and prevent new and evolving malware attacks and infections. You will be also able to protect all your financial data using Pay Guard – one of its robust features.


The software is a good choice when compared to other antivirus providers. The software also offers parental controls, which are usually only available in more expensive products. We recommend it as your antivirus protection.


Although it is reasonably priced, the plan’s options can be confusing. Trend Micro does not include a default antivirus program that offers the same level of protection, but it includes a few additional security tools (like secure VPNs).

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